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Swisse founder Kevin RingAfter a trip to Switzerland in the 1960s to learn about the latest developments in natural medicine, Australian businessman and entrepreneur Kevin Ring was inspired to develop his own range of herbal and vitamin supplements back in Australia.

Kevin opened an organic bakery in Melbourne where he specialised in wholefoods and fresh bread. It was here that he introduced the first product in the Swisse range – pollen tablets – and Swisse was born!

1991 marked a big milestone for Swisse when we launched our flagship product, Swisse Women’s Ultivite. Formulated specifically for women and made with premium quality ingredients, it was hailed as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of women’s multivitamins. Four years later, the release of Swisse Men’s Ultivite cemented the company’s place as a market leader in multivitamins.

The early 1990s also saw the unique Swisse company culture gain definition with the introduction of the 4Ps and H&H charter developed by the inspirational Michael Saba. Michael served as Swisse Managing Director from 2000-2007.

Swisse soon expanded its presence in the vitamin and supplement industry, developing, rigorously testing and then releasing 200+ products to eager customers.

Current Swisse CEO Radek Sali is the son of integrative medicine pioneer Professor Avni Sali. Radek’s passionate leadership, progressive approach to company culture and extraordinary business acumen has seen him become one of the most celebrated CEOs in Australia.

In 2014, Swisse signed one of Australia’s biggest licensing deals with PGT Healthcare, the international joint venture between Procter & Gamble and Teva Pharmaceuticals. Together, we aim to launch in over 30 countries over the next five years, the most recent being in the United Kingdom in November 2015.

It is an exciting prospect that our once small wellness company founded in the suburbs of Melbourne is well on the way to one day being represented in every pharmacy and health store globally.