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Australian Football League

The AFL is one of Australia’s premier sporting codes and is loved by its fan base across the country. Swisse and the AFL share a passion for health and wellbeing, and are working together to generate awareness about the importance of healthy lifestyles, as well as a focus on setting new benchmarks at community level.

The Australian Grand Prix

Swisse is a proud partner of the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix. Building our long-standing partnership with Australian F1 champion Mark Webber, our association with the Australian F1 Grand Prix is a major commitment to motor sport fans, and further recognition of the high performance qualities of the drivers. Drivers must be at their peak to withstand up to 3.5g of cornering force, and maintain concentration in the extreme heat of the cockpit. The Australian F1 Grand Prix attracts over 300,000 people annually and is a major event for tourism in Melbourne and Australia.

The Australian Olympic Team

Swisse is proud to be the Choice of the Australian Olympic Team. Our Olympians embody our nation’s hopes, dreams and desires, promoting values such as respect, aspiration and teamwork. Swisse is honoured to help these elite athletes get most out of their bodies. The team’s values around sportsmanship and positive attitude also connect with the health and happiness philosophies that underpin everything that we do at Swisse. We support the Australian Olympic Committee’s commitment to promoting the Olympic ideals and values to all through sport.

Netball Australia

Australia’s number one natural health brand Swisse is dedicated to making people healthier and happier, building on our long standing partnership and our commitment to supporting Women in Sport, Swisse are proud to be the choice of Netball Australia, supporting the Australian Netball Diamonds and the ANZ Championships.

The Wallabies

Australia’s national rugby union team has a rich history of success, including the Rugby World Cup in 1991 and 1999. Swisse is proud to be the choice of the Qantas Wallabies, supporting their nutritional needs and high performance ambitions at home and abroad.

VFL Women's

Swisse is dedicated to supporting women in sport and is excited to be an inaugural partner with the VFL Women’s. Swisse is committed to providing premium products that support athletes and people everywhere to be their best. The VFL Women’s showcases the best women’s football talent in Victoria and Swisse is proud to partner with this elite competition.