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Photo gallery: Destination Happiness

We can relate to what motivates “mindful triathlon” participants to meditate, run and practice yoga in a public park on a precious Saturday, when they could be sleeping in or bingeing on Netflix. We call it a passion to turn up — and, when it comes to cultivating your best self, happiness is a very worthy pursuit.

Yet some happiness researchers suggest the emotion is illusive and an unrealistic goal. Better to strive for contentment — the milder cousin to happiness — to avoid getting tripped up thinking the Manhattan apartment, high-six-figure job and rack of designer shoes will land you in a happy place for good. Ambition and possessions are fine, yet we know by now that a life of happiness is achieved through other means — like how you think.


Positive Thinking and Happiness

Research and countless TED-style videos, like this actual TED Talk on the science of happiness (with more than 16 million views!), prove Shakespeare’s Hamlet was right to say “nothing is really good or bad in itself — it’s all what a person thinks about it.” How you think about a situation determines your state of being — even when faced with great challenges, you can still choose to be happy. You may think it’s oversimplified, yet science shows mindset and mindfulness influence how you show up to the world and how the world interacts with you in turn.

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Thousands of wellness-seeking kindred spirits did show up at Wanderlust 108 events this year where mindfulness was, well, top of mind. Energized hearts and curious minds participated in the thriving community events where Swisse had a presence, from the kick-off September activation in Brooklyn to November’s wrap-up in Austin, Texas. Attendees visited the Destination Happiness Dream Dome, Detox Station and Beauty Garden for meditation, massage and makeovers. They ran, laughed, practiced Ashtanga poses and learned about the health benefits of mindfulness. And possibly for the first time, they discovered Swisse, Australia’s No. 1 Vitamin and Supplement Brand, showcased at each of the multi-sensory stations. With a fast-growing presence after just a year stateside, the Swisse Ultivite products are getting noticed by health-conscious enthusiasts looking to take their energy and vitality to the next level.

Of course, we know happiness is not really a destination at all — it’s a state of being we strive to achieve. As the Dalia Lama said, “the very motion of our lives is towards happiness” — we may move in its direction, but few of us are lucky enough to arrive and stay for long. We throttle into the high gear of happiness, downshift to the comfort of contentment and inevitably — through the normal setbacks and heartaches of life — stall out at times. When that happens, mindset and mindfulness are tools to keep us engaged and striving to make positive change.


Happiness vs. Contentment: What Can Change the World?

Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, says happy people have the energy and capacity to be more interested in world issues. But what about content people? Do they share the same fire-in-the-belly passion to take on challenges and make a difference in their communities, their families, their work? It’s that passion to turn up that brought thousands to the Wanderlust 108 events this fall. And it’s that same passion that made Swisse, a once-small wellness company founded in Australia in the 1960s, one of the most trusted brands there today.

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The Swisse Wellness Approach to Happiness


The Swisse partnership with Wanderlust 108 introduced wellness enthusiasts to the company’s driving purpose: fostering more mindfulness, movement and nutrition — the essentials of a happy and healthy life. The personal connections and energy at the events strengthened that commitment to helping people live more optimally every day. In the end, it’s the human connections that keep all of us moving forward in our happiness journeys.

Want more to ponder? Here are three books and a podcast to check out:

10% Happier by Dan Harris. Dan demystifies meditation and mindfulness in a really accessible way.

Running & Being by George Sheehan. This classic goes back 40 years and still inspires with its message of pursuing your passion and caring for your body on the path to being happy.

A Gratefulness Journal by you! Are you journaling yet? It’s a great way to practice mindfulness and appreciation for every moment. Start now!

On Fire with John O’Leary. John is a gift to us all. Definitely listen to his top-20 podcast to wake up from accidental living and find true purpose. Also, take a quick minute to read his blog post on how to “win the lottery” — it’s proof that money does not buy happiness.


At Swisse, we are passionate about health, happiness and wellness. If you believe the way you live and think directly impact the joy you get out of life, join our community. Follow Swisse on Instagram and Facebook for inspiration on your journey to living your best life.