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This practical approach from the science-minded folks at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health might help. They say that after weighing all sides, the wellness benefits of a standard daily multivitamin “seem to outweigh the potential risks for most people.”


A daily multivitamin, like Swisse Ultivite, can boost your winter wellness routine.*


It all starts with nutritious eating. Whole foods are the best nourishment for your body and mind, yet we can fall short of getting the right amount of essential nutrients at times. In winter months especially, there are barriers that keep us from eating the right foods and getting enough physical activity — both healthy habits that work together to strengthen mental and emotional wellbeing. A daily multivitamin may give you the extra support needed to boost your winter wellness routine so you can stay healthy in the colder months.*


Do you think you eat healthy enough? Our Australian team published a 2018 Nielson and Swisse Wellness study with insights.


5 Ways a Multivitamin Helps Boost Winter Wellness

Nutrition influences movement and mind health. A daily multivitamin can help fill in the nutrition void when your diet suffers from a shortage of good stuff, like leafy greens and beans, so you can focus on moving more, sleeping better and living well.


1. Strengthen Your Immune System*

With reduced daylight hours and an increase in chilly temperatures, winter stress can creep in and keep you from feeling your best. Eating foods rich in antioxidants and consuming plenty of fruits chockful of vitamin C strengthens your immune system in winter.

Choosing foods for winter wellness is usually easy, says Swisse dietitian, Simone Austin. The problem is that during the holidays, even the healthiest among us consume too much sugar from over-processed foods. How much is too much? The American Health Association recommends just 9 teaspoons of sugar for men and a third less than that each day for women. Holiday cookie consumption aside, the average American takes in more than 23 teaspoons of sugar a day!

When your diet falters from eating sugar-loaded comfort foods, a daily multivitamin can be a nutrition gap filler as you work to keep your immune system strong.* A multivitamin is what the good folks at Harvard School of Public Health refer to as a kind of nutrition insurance policy.


2. Increase Your Vitality and Stamina*

Is the colder weather making it harder for you to get out the door some mornings? Are you feeling unusually sluggish by midday and lacking motivation to do things that seem to come easy in warmer months? We tend to save energy when the natural light source ebbs, but unlike bears, most of us have jobs that require us to stay alert and active. If winter stress is keeping you from accomplishing more, consider starting your day with Swisse Wellness.


Swisse Women’s Ultivite. Now available on,, Amazon and eVitamins.


Swisse Women’s Ultivite Multivitamin is the ideal supplement to give you the extra bit of support that may restore your vitality and stamina, especially during winter.* Formulated based on scientific evidence and made with 50 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs, Ultivite gives you the nutritional lift you need to support your active life.*


3. Revive Your Winter Fitness Routine

A fitness routine can reduce winter stress, and a multivitamin can give you added energy to stay committed to your exercise.*

The winter season can derail fitness and exercise habits. Dark and damp conditions can make it tough to keep energy levels up and motivation high. A multivitamin is the perfect addition to help you revive your winter fitness routine.

Movement is a core message in our mission to inspire happy and healthy living. Exercise helps boost emotional wellbeing and is essential to keeping the winter (sometimes sugar-induced) blues away. As Swisse sport and nutrition expert Chris Holland explains, movement may be the single best way to help balance mental and emotional health.

When you add a daily multivitamin to your morning meal, you set yourself up for improved overall wellbeing.* Having more energy can inspire you to exercise, which pumps oxygenated blood to your brain, giving you the added focus you need throughout the day.*


4. Spend More Time Outdoors

Hunkering indoors under a blanket on the sofa seems like a good idea on a dreary Saturday. With short daylight hours and long workdays, the weekend might be your only chance to get much-needed exposure to sunlight. Try resisting the urge to hibernate. A multivitamin will help you find that extra energy so you can feel reinvigorated from the fresh air.*

Make a list of winter outdoor activities you want to try, like snowshoeing, ice fishing or just strolling through a bucolic park on a rainy day. There’s a lot of romance in outdoor winter activities — be sure to bring your significant other along for the fun.


5. Take Five Minutes for Positive Wellbeing

Take five minutes each day to tune out the noise and focus on your breathing for mind health.

Finding time to focus on mind health through meditation can fall away when winter stress takes hold. Like fitness, mindfulness is an important part of a wellness routine. Here is a simple hack you may want to consider trying — each day, either with your morning meal or at lunch, stop all noise and distractions for just five minutes to focus on your breathing.

Take the time to calm your mind and repeat a positive affirmation, like “I deserve to feel strong, healthy and calm.” Use your multivitamin as the trigger for this daily mindfulness activity. It might seem forced at first, but after a while, the brief respite to focus on your positive wellbeing might just be the best part of your day.


Keep Up Your Wellness Routine in Every Season

January marks the start to a new year and a chance to establish new habits. Consider making a multivitamin a part of your healthy, active lifestyle. It could boost your winter wellness and may even put you on a path of personal improvement all year long.


Swisse is on a mission to make millions of people across the globe live healthier and happier lives. To support this goal, we source only the finest ingredients and extracts from around the world. Our premium quality formulas use scientific and traditional evidence to help women and men maintain their optimal wellbeing. We hope you will join us on your wellness journey, and we invite you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.