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What counts as a complementary medicine product? Medicinal products and nutritional supplements with ingredients like herbs, vitamins and minerals.


Put to the test

This posse of health products is regulated under the Therapeutic Goods Regulations (TGA) 1990, which gives everything from the raw materials to the final product a rigorous review.

In fact, Australian vitamin companies must hold documentary evidence that the medicine or its active ingredient (think St Mary’s thistle, chasteberry, echinacea, vitamins and minerals) have either been scientifically and clinically proven and/or traditionally used for at least three generations (that’s 75 years or more by TGA standards).


Premium and trusted

What this means for consumers of Australian goods is you’re getting quality products produced in TGA-certified facilities. It’s a different story in the US, where dietary supplements don’t come under the same approval process.

So, like the world’s appetite for our agriculture exports, it’s time to shout about Australia’s other unrivalled industry.


The science of supplements

The science of supplements is taken seriously at Swisse, which is why you’ll find all the scientific evidence that supports the efficacy of the products and ingredients on the website for all to see, making Swisse the only Australian wellness company to do so.