Swisse culture starts with the belief that if we focus on people, passion and principles, profits will naturally follow. This may seem like the cart before a horse, but it’s the only way we have ever done business and we find it works just fine.

We shorten the order of our priorities at Swisse – ‘people, principles and passion before profit’ – to ‘The 4 Ps’.


Our People are not one of the reasons we succeed. They are the reason we succeed. That’s why our people are our first priority. Our team has access to free personal training in our office gym, meditation and yoga classes. Team members also enjoy an extra ‘Health and Happiness’ day of leave each quarter to spend time with their families and friends.

We include our customers and our partners when we talk about ‘our’ people. Making sure we build long-standing relationships is an important goal at Swisse.

Our Principles are all based around what will make the world and our workplace healthier and happier. We’ve had this attitude since we started out and we think our business growth, culture and public recognition reinforce this foundation for success.

Our Passion is what powers our ongoing growth and innovation. We want our people to love their work because we believe there is no engine to drive a business like a group of passionate people pointed in the same direction.

Our Profits would not be achievable without focus on the three other Ps. We’re proud of what we have achieved so far, but we have only just begun. At the core of our philosophy is a belief that the conventional approach to health can be improved. We believe that people should focus on maintaining and sustaining their wellness, rather than only seeking help when their health is suffering. We also believe that wellness is linked to how we spend our time, what we put into our bodies and how we approach life.

Positive thinking, great relationships, nutrition and exercise are all part of living a healthy, happy life.