Name (common): Chamomile

Botanical Name: Matricaria chamomilla

Synonyms: German chamomile

General description:

German chamomile is a herb that is native to southern and eastern Europe. It has a mild apple-like scent. The name "chamomile" is Greek for "Earth apple". Chamomile is well recognised and commonly used throughout the world for a variety of health benefits. It is known to be used since ancient times, the small flowers have historically been used in medicinal preparations, tea, cosmetics and their essential oils as perfume.

Functions and general science:

Chamomile is known as a calming herb for the nervous system, helping with restlessness. It is often also used as a tea for young children when irritable while teething.  It is commonly used for it’s antispasmodic and calming actions on the digestive tract making it a good herbal remedy to assist with nervous indigestion.


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