Name (common): Choline


General description:

Choline is an essential nutrient related to the B vitamins, folate, pyridoxine, and B12, and to the essential amino acid methionine. It is produced by the body as well as sourced from food. The largest dietary source of choline is egg yolk. Choline can also be found in high amounts in peanuts, fish, milk, brewer's yeast, wheat germ, soybeans, Brazil nuts and a variety of meats, such as red meat and poultry; and vegetables, including cabbage and cauliflower.​

Functions and general science:

Choline is essential for the production of certain neurotransmitters as well as being a key component of cell membranes in the form of phosphatidylcholine.  It has a role in the metabolism of fats. Adequate levels of choline help to increase the accumulation of acetylcholine within the brain, this brain chemical is involved in memory and other brain processes.


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