Name (common): Cranberry

Botanical Name: Vaccinium macrocarpon

Synonyms: American cranberry, Large cranberry

General description:

Both the crushed berries and the juice have a long history of medicinal use. Native American Indians have traditionally eaten cranberries as a food, as well as consumed them to assist with bladder and kidney conditions. 

Functions and general science:

Cranberry is commonly used to help with recurrent urinary tract infections, as well as a source of antioxidants to support health and wellbeing.

Cranberries have a high flavanol content, they consistently rank highly among common fruits and vegetables for their antioxidant activity. Flavanols are known to be potent antioxidants.

A number of quality clinical trials support the use of cranberry to help reduce the risk of recurring Urinary Tract Infections (UTI).  It is the anti-adhesion properties of cranberry which contribute to this effect. Cranberry helps to prevent the adherence of bacteria to the urinary tract, therefore helping to stop the colonisation of bacteria which may lead to a UTI.

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