Name (common): Damiana

Botanical name: Turnera diffusa


General descriptions:

Damiana leaves have traditionally been brewed as a tea for use as a physical tonic and aphrodisiac in Central America. Records show this herb has been used as an aphrodisiac in the ancient Mayan civilization. According to legend, the Native Mexicans drank a tea of damiana leaves and sugar for its purported power to enhance sexual stamina.


Functions and general science:

The pharmacological actions of damiana have not been significantly investigated, therefore traditional evidence forms the basis for benefits of this herb. Damiana is traditionally reputed to maintain mental and physical capacity, and for it’s aphrodisiac properties.




The information provided in reference to this ingredient is general in nature and provided as information only. Any product specific therapeutic claims for this ingredient are linked to specific dosage requirements based on evidence of traditional or scientific nature.