Swisse Packaging Overview: USA and Australia compared

Swisse product packaging and labels that are produced for sale directly within the USA market differ in subtle ways from Swisse products sold in Australia and other global markets. For more detail, please see the comparison example diagram and FAQs below.




Why are Swisse product labels sold in the USA different to Swisse product labels sold in Australia?

Swisse product labels contain subtle variations (pictured above) to adhere to market requirements mandated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This includes:

  • Removal of Australian market-specific AUST L number
  • Removal of Australian Olympic Team logo
  • Update of contact information, country of origin and trade mark information
  • Update of wording for some product descriptions


Why are the Swisse product containers sold in the USA different in style and size to Swisse product containers sold in Australia?

Swisse product containers in the USA market differ from those in the Australian market due to specific product seal requirements mandated by the FDA. Some container variations are the result of local supply chain efficiencies.


Are Swisse’s USA product formulations different from the Australian formulations?

No. All Swisse product formulations for the USA market are identical to the equivalent Australian product formulations.


Are Swisse products sold in the USA market manufactured to a different standard than Swisse products sold in the Australia market?

No. All Swisse USA products meet the same high manufacturing standards set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia. This reflects our global commitment to product quality, consistency and safety.


Swisse-label-authenticity-icon.jpgWhat is the grey, square “Swisse” icon located beside the barcode on the back of Swisse product labels?

This icon is designed to be scanned with the “Swisse Scan” cell phone app to help verify the authenticity of Swisse product labels globally. This icon appears on all Swisse labels manufactured for sale in the USA market.

Learn more about the Swisse packaging authenticity project and rollout here.