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As well as extending the body of evidence for the industry, these partners independently review all of our evidence and health benefit claims, completing a full assessment to ensure product efficacy.

Our formal partnerships include:


The National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM) is dedicated to providing evidence-based conventional and complementary approaches to the prevention and treatment of disease. NIIM also engage in many research projects and conduct a series of educational seminars.

Swisse supports NIIM across all of its activities, and is the marquee sponsor of NIIM’s free lecture series, which aims to increase the understanding of integrative medicine to those involved with healthcare delivery and the public in general. We are also very proud of the association between the founder of NIIM, Professor Avni Sali, and his son and Swisse CEO, Radek Sali.


The Academic Ranking of World Universities and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings both rank Swinburne University among the top 400 universities in the world. With over 30 researchers, the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology is the largest group in the world researching the cognitive and mood effects of natural products, nutritional supplements and other nutritional interventions.

They conduct government and industry-funded trials, as well as investigator-initiated studies. Swinburne University conducted what is believed to be the first study to examine the subjective experience of taking a multivitamin during a clinical trial using Swisse Ultivite multivitamins.

Their aim is to understand fundamental aspects of neurocognitive change and to use the methodologies of applied human psychopharmacology in order to benefit behavioural and brand processes, and to translate this knowledge for the public good. The centre also aims to educate the efficacy and safety of natural medicines and illicit drugs on the human brain.


La Trobe University is ranked among the top 100 universities worldwide (under 50 years old) and brings a substantive nutrition and research capability in their Faculty of Health Sciences. The faculty has four schools and 28 department and research centres across eight campuses. This includes a new and dedicated clinical trials centre. In the second wave of work, this centre will progress to testing new formulas and researching new claims for current products.